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N.Y.EVE at the west end with Pet Shop Boys

Always been a lover of Synth Pop, especially from the 80's and there isn't many that do it better than Electro Pop hit makers PET SHOP BOYS.

As a teenager enjoying hit after hit, buying album after album from them. My personal favorite was their Epic from 1990 called Behaviour, it was the first time the boys decided to take an album out on a full world tour ,this included 3 nights at the Birmingham NEC . The show's were filmed and the tour was called Performance.

( Full Performance Gig 1991 )

Luckily for me i was there to witness the live spectacle. Unfortunately i had the cheap seats right at the back, the sound wasn't great and i didn't enjoy it so much. Though looking back at the footage now i totally respect the artiness and pure showmanship of it all.

Later i witnessed and enjoyed them stripped back at the slightly more intimate Nottingham Royal Concert Hall. Having heard P.S.B were hoping to headline Edinburgh's most famous night ( Hogmanay ) i jumped at the chance of seeing my 80's heroes again,  under the castle in the gardens at the west end of Princess Street:


After a short wait in the queue i make it in to the idyllic setting of the Gardens, making my way to the stage i hear a female voice singing out . I realize I've missed the Excellent Edinburgh indie band The 10.04's. So i catch the end of young scot Nina Nesbitt's set , she's singing her tune 'Stay Out' and finishes with a nice cover of The Proclaimers 500 Miles. She's bright, cheery, poppy and clearly enjoying the experience. Not my cup of tea but she's doing a good job.

Up next Manchester's 1975 who have been causing a buzz but witnessing them tonight i wasn't impressed, very dull and not my thing at all. Looking around at the bemused crowd i don't think i'm the only one. Scot Electro Popsters Churches would have been my choice for a support for the main headliners. But hey it's N.Y.Eve, i'm in Edinburgh, under the castle with a clear December sky and going to be witnessing Pet Shop Boys next on the stage.

After a build up of summer house smash Breach- Jack the intro starts, the strobe's ignite the stage, pulsating beats warm up the crowd . The Electro Duo Chris Lowe and Neil Tennant dressed flamboyantly take their positions as they launch in to It's a Sin.

The crowd next to me including ex presenter and Edinburgh local John leslie hang on to every word, me included.

Oppurtunities, Rent ( a discography hit set so far)  New albums are touched upon with a visual backdrop of their collaboration with young Hipster Example on Thursday

The classic What have i done to deserve this?  has a backdrop visual of Dusty Springfield singing the duet. A cover of Coldplay's Viva La Vida works well. They finish part 1 of their set with the Stunning Left to my own Devices .

Forth One's Grant Stott takes to the stage with the competition winners dressed in tartan attire to start the world famous fire work display. And what a spectacle. Something everybody should experience at least once.

The lads are back for Go West joined by dancers, Neil and Chris change hats for every song. At one point Lowe is wearing a Glitterball/ daft punk style head attire.With a beaming face from Tennant they are clearly enjoying themselves too. They treat us to Domino Dancing and Always on my Mind ( Former 1987 Xmas number 1 ) before leaving the stage again.

They shock playing one of my favorites Being Boring. I make my way to the front of the stage for West End Girls, me and a American fan put arms around each other to sing every word. This is what Hogmanay is about, bringing people together from all over the world, celebrating the start of the new year. The band finish with a full on beat attack of new tune Vocal. We all leave starting 2014 as enjoyed the experience. It was really fun and nice to get up close to the band, no cheap seats and bad sound this time, just a fantastic Performance.

Set List

Part 1

Axis/It's a Sin



Love Etc

The rite of spring / i wouldn't normally do this kind of thing


Se a vida e / Discoteca/ Viva la Vida

Left to my own devices

Part 2

Go west

What have i done to deserve this?

New York city boy


Domino dancing


Always on my mind


Being Boring

West end Girls


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