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We Came From The Sea and Ferric shake the foundations of Sneaky Pete's Edinburgh

We Came From The Sea 15/11/13 Sneaky Pete's – Edinburgh

Tonight's line up consisted of We Came From The Sea, head liners Ferric, and young American hopefuls Access Royale making their Scottish debut. The 4-piece start their set jumping all over the small stage, all smiles, tight, breezy and very indie pop rock. A touch of Bloc party and The Killers, very upbeat but a bit too empty sounding for me. The lead man does his best to warm up the crowd, very polite banter and clearly excited to be playing in Edinburgh. They finish with Hide which has a Police feel about it even blending in line's from Roxanne to finish.


Tonight’s Head liners; lead man takes hold of his old fashioned Rock n Roll mic ready to launch. The guitarist leans in to his mic saying “Where is everyone, thought this is a sold out gig?” I was thinking the same. The audience are clearly fans, hanging on to every word, some adventurous revelers launch forward to jump along. It's all melodic vocals, screechy backing and loud crunching guitars. The end of their opening tune the drummer Chris Homan is up on his kit shouting to the crowd. They mean business.
Lead man Cal Black introduces the next tune “A song to shake your ass, everyone dance” The up for it crowd chant “Here we, Here we Fucking go! “ The band are loving it.

Seeds off their new E.P Suffering is up next; all catchy hooks, tight Rhythm section with Bass Craig Norris. Dirty habit is also a highlight for me with it's introduction of “Some crazy mother fuckers in here “ Clearly. If you fancy some Alt rock done Edinburgh style then check out the lads. All great musicians that love this particular style of rock. I'm sorry to say this isn't my thing but I definitely recommend you should check them out. A mate at the the gig said at the end "If i didn't know they were Scottish , i would have thought they were American" Surely a compliment.


Obviously not the Head-liner, actually tonight’s opener but the band I have come along to see. The Glasgow/Edinburgh 4-piece launch into I,Pariah. I can only describe the start of the tune like the scene from Back to the Future when Marty Mcfly turns up the volume to max and hits a chord. My goodness these lads play it loud, so much so my gigging partner asks if we can move back a bit, I can't really hear what she said but lucky for me I can lip read, I'm not complaining myself.

Their Excellent new tune Animalskin is next, an infectious piece of dark indie rock and one that stays with you for awhile after hearing. Lead man Paul Gavienas remains static but moody. Euan Thomson hangs head and bass low. Paul's vocal delivery is fair to say very Brian Molko from Placebo and a touch of Rush lead man Geddy Lee in there.

I love band's that play instrumentals and lucky for me W.C.F.T.S do and they do it well. Beast 17 is a monster. Melodic notes ring out before the distortion pedal is pressed down whilst just avoiding blowing up the sound deck. The bass intro reminds me of Status Quo - Whatever you want ( intro) though I’m sure their not a influence. A instrumental tune that would work well as a set opener too.

DogDogDog is a slower number, we're in James territory with Tim Booth style vocals and Marillion lullaby melodies. The lyrics fading to black with “I never asked you to wait for me” Dark but lush.

The band have a keyboardist tonight, not a full time member but who adds a cinematic wide-screen edge especially on closer Bats, another Epic which builds to a crescendo wall of noise.

The band leaves the stage and us with ringing ear drums.

I catch Lead man Paul afterwards for a couple of Questions. I ask him about the influences for their sound and he jokes “Christian Rock, no seriously, all the band have different influences, but Placebo is one” Paul is a piano teacher by day, the band members Euan and Ronnie are sound engineers so it's instant access to recording equipment. He tells me their recording a new E.P over the Xmas period. I ask “ So if you could murder one Xmas song which would you record?” he says “A carol like We 3 kings or Silent Night” but I say “No, what about a Xmas hit song?” His reply “ OK, Wham-Last Xmas” He goes over to have a word with the band and comes back “Yes, the band are up for recording that one”

So there you have it, expect a growling overload of Alt indie rock for Xmas no 1. I'd buy that.

You don't need to; Here is the lads absolutely spellbinding cover of Wham-Last Xmas

Added to my Mince-pie 's & Mistletoe Compilation


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