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Dave Pearce remembers his Ibiza ( Radio 1 ) Dance Years

D.J Dave Pearce

One of the reasons i have grown a love for the sun drenched island of Ibiza is because of a little Radio station i religiously used to listen too in the 90's: Radio 1. Every summer they would take the listener over to the white isle and broadcast shows from across the island. I would listen intently enjoying the vibe's and atmosphere that came out of my radio, the tunes, the excitement from clubbers all singing along to big summer anthems as their favorite D.J's dropped them in the sun and after dark in the big rooms of Space, Amnesia and Privilege. I could only dream of making it there one day to experience it myself. Of course i eventually did and each year going back my love for the little Balearic island grows stronger. In fact i will soon be heading over there in a matter of weeks ( from blog going out )

I had many a favorite D.J i enjoyed hearing each week, Judge Jules, Danny Rampling, Pete Tong and one Dave Pearce who had a drive time show and his legendary Dance Anthems show which went out on a Sunday Playing big room anthems, new and old skool, Dave would have ravers on the phone sharing their dance floor adventures from over the weekend. Of course the Radio station moved on and got younger, Dave moved on and Danny Howard moved in. 

The good news is Dave can still be heard doing his Dave Pearce Anthems show each week. Giving the listener a club run down of whats hot and of course taking us back to the day with old skool classics. Listen Here:

Dave is also known for his Mix's and productions, I myself have bought many of his Trance Anthems and Euphoria C.D's of old. Dave has also just put out with Ben Hennessy - Ictus. It has his trade marks all over it; Trance, Progressive and it's Banging! Go get it :

I caught up with Dave to ask a few questions about Ibiza and his memories of radio 1:

Me: Earliest memory of the white isle as a clubber? Where did you go and who blew you away?

Dave: My first Ibiza club I went to was Amnesia and i think it was Daniel Davoli

Me: I loved listening to all the show's from Ibiza, Radio 1 was responsible for my on growing love and passion for the Island. When and where was your first broadcast? Remember any guest's you had on?

Dave: The first ever show i did in Ibiza was at a cream event and they built a little studio in the car park at amnesia - it was a late night show i used to do that went out at about 2 in the morning. We did the show in a little tent, the only trouble was all these clubbers kept jumping in during the show! I think Paul Oakenfold was on later when i created Dance Anthems. We did shows from places like Cafe Mambo and Bar M- the biggest one was i think with Benny Benassi and a bunch of guests

Me: Ibiza anthem New and Old?

Dave: My Favorite Ibiza Anthem is Delerium - Silence and my current one i guess is Fedde Le grand - You Got This

( Delerium - Silence )

( Fedde Le Grand - You Got This )

Me: You had a very successful and long standing night at Eden with your Euphoria night's. What was the maddest thing that you witnessed during your residence?

Dave: Weirdest thing at Eden was some kind of top Spanish gangster came one night and i obviously didn't know who he was, the security instantly let him in the booth as they were all scared of him and i'm djing thinking who is this guy next to me - then he started
crouching on the floor and waving at the lights and crying - it was totally bizarre - luckily i had no idea who he was.

Me: Do you still go back to Ibiza, if you did this summer, which night's and any particular D.J you would recommend we catch live?

Dave: I haven't been back to Ibiza in the last three years.

Check out some old photo's from his residency at Eden and live footage:

Not in Ibiza now as a resident but you can find him over the water in Majorca at BCM for his Delerium parties, each week over the summer

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