Tuesday, 22 October 2013

You thought The Evil dead was Scary? Check out THE KNIEVEL DEAD

THE KNIEVEL DEAD- 'Psychosis 'Single

It's nearly Halloween, a time when ghosts and ghouls rise to haunt the living. When there's no room left in hell; THE KNIEVEL DEAD will make bad ass Rock n Roll.

Psychosis begins with a horror sound-scape before a rock a billy guitar riff, imagine The Cramps doing The Theme to the Munsters with punishing reverb. Ghostly vocals float throughout the verse before “You won't get me, not this time, it's a everlasting crime, ” on the insanely catchy chorus. I'm imagining being trapped at The Addams Family Halloween bash in a mental asylum while the band play out.

Don't open these doors “ I'm the one who's hiding in your wardrobe, I’m the one who's crawling underneath your bed ” unsettles the listener from the beginning with it's dark lyrical content and spine-tingling  guitar hook. These lads have touched in to peoples creepy paranoia and their singing them back to us “We'll hide in here, where nobody knows. We'll hide in here, where the temperature sores , don't open these doors” Don't worry, I don't plan too. Scary stuff but infectious none the less.

Coming after you: Imagine if the ghost of Franz Ferdinand possessed well? ... Franz Ferdinand. Ghoulishly sinister stuff. Vocally ; imagine Alex Kapranos in touch with his dark side. “Say what you want, say what you will, we've seen it all through and through, we know where you live and were coming after you” the haunting vocal threatens on the chorus; unnerving yes, but very Anthemic.. for a indie rock loving serial killer. Book ended by what sounds like music from Twin Peaks . Finishing with atmospheric piano and a eerie severing stab of guitar. Music to give you nightmares that you'll be humming along to in your sleep. Now where's that pumpkin?



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