Sunday, 24 November 2013

Vienna Ditto - Ugly E.P Review

Vienna Ditto-Ugly

The opening tune and title track Ugly opens with a Electro sound clash of distorted guitar before settling us in to a lone ringing out rockabilly riff. Husky vocals draw us in to the Vienna Ditto world, not too far away from the planet Portishead. You think they are going all Electro pop until the chorus crashes in with a wall of sound and the lyrics “I’m thinking this could get ugly, a scene like this could turn nasty” the middle 8 takes us to darker depths with “I don’t want your dirty fingers lurking through the pages of my books” The Singer is seriously giving a lover ( soon to be an ex ) a serious whipping down. Feisty and I like it.

By Way Of Apology is a gorgeous atmospheric beauty, full of delicious-melodic guitar picking, 60's Noir style key sounds and sultry vocals. The tune is in a similar vein to Lana Del Ray's 'Video games' The chorus content saying “I'm not here to plead forgiveness for the stupid things I do, I bring this song to you by way of apology” The middle 8 sweeps the feet from under the listener “there's nothing left, you took the lot, my final cigarette.” Finally the gloves are off “ I sing this tune as I swing for you, guess I’ll be seeing you”. I would love to hear a duet with Nick Cave, I think that would be a musical prize fight.

Lastly Stop slightly picks things up again. The vibe draws me in to a seedy lounge bar in a Lynchian movie. The chorus “ The rhythm makes my heart stop, I don't know if it's going to start again “ Maybe another stab at a cheating lover with “I don't believe a single word you said to me but it won't take long to prove you wrong” This girl really has bad taste in men. A kill bill scenario is coming to mind. The tune end's with broody vibrato guitar , which seduces twisted Synth notes while the red curtain slowly closes . The end credits roll ( I can only imagine )

A nice 3 track E.P for fans of darker blues tinged Electro Pop. Just about the right balance to be a commercial hit while keeping a edge.


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