Friday, 20 December 2013

You must be Crackers not to Love Xmas Synth Pop

My love for Dance/house, Techno & Synth Pop; i would believe started way back in the early 80's. Having grown a love for O.M.D, Depeche Mode and Erasure. 

A band that defined pop for me; Catchy hooks, beautiful melodies, songs that stick in your head. A band that were both excellent on record and stunning live; Maybe down to Andy Bell's flamboyant banter, costumes and dancing. 

Bell with a voice like a angel, Vince Clarke's Synth and Bell's/Clarke combined songwriting; a winning Pop Act.

One Xmas was especially memorable for me when they released Crackers International E.P : With it's two hit singles Knocking on your door and the Excellent Stop The hardest part and the beautiful She won't be home, a perfect alternative Xmas tune about those finding themselves all alone at the special time of year.
A E.p i still own on 12inc Vinyl (which i still enjoy )

Having gained a love for the sound of Vince Clarke i delved deeper and discovered Yazoo, a band which was a perfect move from Depeche Mode ( in between ) to Erasure. With the bellowing vocal delivery of Alison Moyet and her captivating stage presence, a fellow school friend of Clarke's and lads from D.M ,she was popular with the girls and scared of by the boys. I digress ...

Being a member of the old Britannia Music Club i took risks buying music and one i'm glad i did, was the Classic Synth pop album Upstairs at Eric's

 A strong set of song's which still sounds brilliantly today. One of the hit singles from the band in 1982 was Only You was covered the year later by The Flying Pickets (which went to Number 1 ) The Classic Don't Go

One of Yazoo's singles had a resurgence in the early 90's with a Remix of Situation (which i owned )

Unfortunately the Duo split after their second album You and me both and left us with the Pop Tastic Nobody's Diary

The Duo did reform for a short while in 2008 ( one tour i regret not seeing ). As you know Vince went on to have a successful career with Erasure and Moyet as Alf.

Clarke has never thought about rejoining Depeche Mode, though a special gig as the original line up; performing Speak & Spell in it's entirety would be on my wish list. He did recently join up with one Martin L Gore for their excellent Melodic Techno album Ssss calling themselves VCMG. I highly recommend it

Especially the Tune Spock and he revisited Depeche Mode with his haunting rendition of Fly on the Windscreen with Ane Brun on vocal duties

Back to Erasure : They've just released a highly received new Xmas themed album Snow Globe

One of the tunes i especially love on the festive themed album is Sleep Quietly and the Mix by quality Electro Soloist Maps

Erasure are dreaming of a White Xmas

Snow or no Snow i would like to wish them and everyone a Merry Xmas.

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