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Lost Podenco Loves his Verve History

Way back in the early 90's a mate convinced me to see new American grunge band Smashing Pumpkins, they were brilliant and changed my musical taste and so did the support band VERVE.

Fast forward to last year , i discovered an Liverpudlian artist who now resides over in The White Isle ( Ibiza ) Listening to his music, it's obvious he is heavily influenced by this very group. He calls himself  Lost Podenco 

 Twitter @LostPodenco

Po_den’├žo: (sp.) Ibizan hound; intelligent, active and engaging by nature, though somewhat independent and stubborn at times; unruly, they will resist punitive training methods.; they do not make good kennel dogs and have a strong prey drive, therefore cannot be trusted off the leash unless in a safely enclosed area. 

Having gained a love for his music and chatting to the man via Twitter i organised an Interview while over in Ibiza

Walking around the beautiful coast line i stumbled across a cool hippy bar ( Chirincana ) right on the Maritina beach. A perfect place for an interview i thought, so i took a gamble and contacted Podenco to ask if he was free? He was, 30 mins later under the scorching sunshine and enjoying the breeze from the Mediterranean sea, we sat down over a cold beer or two for a chat..

We chat about how I first came to his music through me following Ade harris @blogibiza . He tells me how much of a perfectionist and over critical he his about his music. Recording all the parts with over dubs. The following week he plans to start work on his upcoming album 'Military Spec Melodies' , but only having limited time with his day job. He's looking for people to collaborate with. He would love to produce pieces of music like the recent 'King Creosote-John Hopkins' album.

Q: What's your name , where do you come from? A: Philip Edward Dobie just near Penny lane in Liverpool.

Q: How did you end up in Ibiza? A: I started looking for jobs in England and then decided to look further abroad, and everything fell into place, It was meant to be! He goes on to say “ I was a narrow minded indie snob and this island has made a fool of me”

Q: How much do you actually get to play live on the island?  A: Not much at all. A couple of times before only as a guitarist in another project, not as Lost Podenco. I am confirmed to play the White Island music festival first week of September: http://www.whiteislandfestival.com/?page_id=198# all the effect pedals will be coming out, testing the patience of the electronic fraternity. He is now joined by Edinburgh born Caroline Baird who is a ambient artist https://soundcloud.com/forward-play/ultraviolet-catastrophe

Q: No plans for an E.P?  A: I'm going straight for the album. Recording in next 6 weeks, hopefully a single before the album. It'll be available digital and would love to release a limited vinyl version with me growing up listening to records. I'll invent some silly label to release it myself like 'Wirral Records'

Q: Why the name Lost Podenco? A: I have had many a night coming back on the dark roads of Ibiza where the Ibizan Hound dog ( podenco ) walks out into the road playing chicken with me, it embodies Ibiza and I was a little bit lost when I arrived on the island.

Q : If you could write a 'Sonnet ' or a 'Bittersweet Symphony' ? A: Bittersweet symphony

Q: Dream band to support? He passes and comes backs to this one later, taking his time to get this one right, but finally decides on Answer: “Bob Dylan – Free Trade hall 1966 tour when he went electric” Though doing my research Dylan first went electric at The Newport Folk festival in '65. He goes on to say “When everyone was calling him 'Judas' and I would have to play an acoustic set to steal Bob's thunder” he says laughing.

Q: Any other Ibizan artists we should check out? A: https://soundcloud.com/superlogic who loves the ambient John Hopkins stuff and who I hope to collaborate with in the coming weeks.

Q: Lennon or McCartney? A: Lennon

Q: The Coral or Cast? A: Cast

Q: Liverpool Academy or The Cavern Club? A: I haven't played the Academy …

I like to have a bit of fun loosely based on the quick fire round on Never mind the Buzzcocks

                                                Time to play 'Never mind the Balearic's'

1. I live my life for the stars that shine, people say it's a waste of time? L.P: Oasis- Rock 'n' roll star ( correct)

2. Don't waste your words, I don't need anything from you. I don't care where you've been or ..? L.P straight in with the answer: Stone roses- I am the resurrection (correct)

3. In every child,in every eye, in every sky above my head? L.P: The Verve: History ( correct)

4. When you roll to my face and my eyes are shining through and when you came back for more for the things you know we do? L.P: Shack-Comedy ( wrong) It's 'Natalie's Party' Half a point

5. The older I get, the more I feel you creeping you next to me ? L.P : Lost Podenco- Ghosts ( correct)

After the interview he very kindly offers to show us around the Island ( a few days later ) He takes us to see the beautiful spectacle of Es Vedra

 Phil tells us of a lost beach called Atlantis. Armed with only a few Facebook messages  he attempts to get us there but a few hours later we believe he is well and truly Lost ( ironic i know )

Though he won't be getting a call from the White Isle tourist guide board offering him a job any time soon, not being trusted off the leash.

 He does have a solid job and a promising musical side line career ahead, this Podenco is certainly not Lost.

This week i manage a catch up interview with Lost Podenco:

Q: Musically how has 2013 been for you?

 Musically, 2013 has been both inspiring and frustrating but ultimately could prove to be a really important twelve months of my life. I don't want to give too much away but I've learned a lot about myself this year about how I work and what I find most important. There are songs on the way that were written in 2013 so it's all positive.

Q: How did your Lost Podenco debut gig go in Ibiza, tell me about the experience, the location, vibe  etc?

The gig was set in a beautiful location,  at the top of Dalt Villa in Ibiza Town. It had rained solidly all day which is almost unthinkable in Ibiza during the first half of September. We've had less rain in December than on that day. Maybe ; )
I was, and still am proud that I played The White Island Music Festival, because of what it represents on the island of Ibiza.

Q: You recruited musicians to back you in Ibiza, will this carry on to the recording process, or will you continue putting down the tunes alone? 

I didn't actually 'recruit' so to speak, I was lucky to meet people with similar tastes in music who, luckily liked my stuff. I hope to work with those talented musicians again, but opportunities have been really limited since the gig.

Q: Album plans for 2014?

There will be one. After some false starts, I know exactly how it will sound and it wont take me long. All the songs are written. It will be sooner than you think.

Q: Any British live dates planned for the new year?

Planned, yes. Confirmed, no.

Q: What was your favorite album of the Year? 

Tough one this but I'm going for Exit Calm's 'The Future Isn't What It Used To Be'. Right up my alley that one.

Q: You gave me a brand new recording of Christmas Lies to add to my upcoming Xmas compilation, can you tell me a bit about the lyrics?

It's just a dig at people who can ruin the vibe at Christmas by being moany, antisocial bastards. I'm as guilty of doing it as anybody so it's probably about me more than anyone. I'm throwing stones from a glass house. I managed to get a couple of Smiths references in there who I love, and it's definitely the only time I'll ever sing about beans on toast in a song. Promise.

Q: Favorite Xmas tune of all time? Well know I know how hard they are to write, I've got a greater respect for a lot more of them! It's got to be Lennon's though. That line kills me, 'So this is Christmas, and what have you done?'

Q:Where will Lost Podenco find himself this Xmas?

In denim. Drunk. Happy. Sad. Sober. *delete as appropriate

Q: Your a big fan of early VERVE, if you could have written any one of their songs, which one? 

As much as I love most of their stuff,
I love 'On Your Own' but not the single version, the version on the B side of History. That's not a bad song either.

Q: Finally. Did you ever find ATLANTIS? 

I didn't, but I'll see you in the next (summer) one.

On that note i'll leave you with his Epic indie Space rock Opus:

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