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Ibiza Sunset Spots: Cafe Mambo

When I first visited the idyllic Balearic playground of Ibiza my plan was to experience the legendary sunset, gently sipping a glass of sangria at one of San Antonio's cafe's while watching the sun dip over the Mediterranean sea. For this experience the sunset strip is the place to head, yes it's popular and rammed in peak summer, but you have to do it. Same can be said for the seriously trendy Cafe Mambo. My first visit was actually after the sunset, the crowds had gone and the D.J ( Andy Baxter i recall ) was playing Prince classics. Me and my wife sat down relaxing under the stars as the young, friendly and attentive waitress asked us what we would like to drink. Suddenly our attention was waylaid towards the horizon ' Wow, I've never seen one of those' she said, starry eyed, we couldn't believe our eyes either, we were witnessing a Moon set. As the night sky lit up ( by the white glow of the moon ) we enjoyed our first glass of delicious sangria.

Of course I went back to witness my first sunset and it was stunning, moving, euphoric as the D.J dropped the classic synth score from BLADE RUNNER  : Vangelis - Rachel's Song. A spine tingling piece which has been a favorite for years now on the sunset strip from the sunset specialist's, especially long standing resident and now guest resident Pete Gooding.

Pete has been playing epic sets now at Mambo since the mid 90's and was a regular selector on the Cafe Mambo C.D mixes. A cinematic moment always enhancers the experience of the sun slowly dipping in to the sea, it's a hypnotic, spiritual and deeply emotional experience. Obviously all the D.J's that soundtrack the sunset are hugely talented but for me Pete Gooding is a favorite and i highly recommend you check him out on social media if your heading to the white isle this season and see when he's playing at Mambo:

This blogger got a cheeky photo ( behind the decks ) with Pete Gooding

Now Cafe Mambo isn't all about the Sunset. It offers a all round dining, chilling and drinking experience. Most nights throughout the summer you can also catch some of the big name D.J's playing warm up set's behind the iconic decks, everyone from David Guetta, Roger Sanchez, Pete Tong, Fatboy Slim and the sadly missed legend Frankie Knuckles has dropped a set, usually the night their playing the likes of Pacha and Space to promote their club night. I've witnessed Guetta, Sanchez , Swedish House Mafia myself ( over the years ) and it always goes off.

Anyone who has headed to Mambo will probably have noticed these two young - smart looking Spaniards, floating around giving orders to the staff, sometimes behind the decks or just chilling among the happy revelers. These are The Mambo Brothers, son's to the long standing owner Javier & Caroline Anadon .

Now the story goes Javier met Caroline ( who originated from Stirling, Scotland ) in Benidorm, they came over in the 90's and built up Cafe Mambo to the name it has become today. Christian & Alan have hung around the sunset strip learning the art form of business and D.J skills, they have a successful podcast ( recorded direct from the sunset strip ) showcasing what's hot in Ibiza, news and gossip, classic sunset memories and tunes, as well as a guest mix from some of the cream of international D.J's. A must listen. Get it on Itunes for free:

On my recent trip to Ibiza ( for the opening parties ) i went back to enjoy the delights of the sunset strip, headed to the bar at Cafe Mambo and ordered one of their delicious ice cool Hierbas. Everyone who has graced the decks and entered the cool venue has enjoyed a shot or two ( even your gran )

( Photo courtesy of )

Looking around i spotted Christian & Alan ( The Mambo Brothers ) I went over to congratulate them on their hot new tune, released for the summer, the sun drenched - house beats of Memento. Check out the cool video, their ode to The White Isle:

Sitting down with The Mambo Brothers, I am introduced to Mr Mambo himself  Javier ; who tells me he made the tune with his sons. The brothers who are always friendly and approachable. I get a quick Q & A with Alan Mambo :

Me: I really like the sound of the new single Memento. Alan: Yes, we had fun recording it, and it's been given a lot of love from DJ's like Pete Tong. We also plan to work on a album

Me: Can you remember the first memory of Cafe Mambo and the first D.J you saw live here? Alan: Yes, it was Sasha in the 90's. I remember thinking how mental it all was.

Me: If you could have one D.J playing a set of any genre, who and what would it be ? Alan: Carl Cox playing a classic Disco set.

Who know's Carl Cox is on the island every week, playing his last ever season at Space, so maybe it might happen. If your heading over to Ibiza this summer, keep checking out Cafe Mambo for what's happening on Twitter: 

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