Thursday, 2 June 2016

Back to the Old Skool ( 88 - 89 )

Dance 88 /89 ( Opening Party ) Sankeys

My first day back in Ibiza; having taken a early morning flight from Glasgow the thought of clubbing looked questionable, but after a chilled evening watching the sunset over at Hostel La Torre, back to the hotel for a quick change, a few pick me up shots at the lively bar's on the way up to Sankeys, i found myself buying a ticket to the opening party of Dance 88 / 89.

To me Sankeys has the days gone by club vibe, intimate space, and sonic sound system that hit's you when you enter the darkened sweat pit. No fancy V.I.P area's or dancers, just up for it revelers that are here for a good time and to hear some quality beats. Owner David Vincent has created a top notch clubbing experience. Tonight's opening party is all about the old skool and being a late 80's / early 90's raver, this was a perfect night for me. First up I check out the small area of Spektrum with Mark Jones of who's pulling shapes, dragging unsuspecting people from the floor to dance with him, while being hugely animated and dropping rave classics.

Entering the bigger space of The LAB, i'm instantly blown away by it's newly installed Pioneer professional audio's flagship sound system. Bushwacka is behind the deck's working the crowd with his box of late 80's vinyl. This is the second summer of love ( 88/89 ) being re- created tonight, a weekly party to draw us back to the style / vibes of acid house and happy - smiley days of yonder. I mingle with the young/old spanish locals and old skool ravers who are dancing like their still living in that era. Tune after Tune he's giving us all a Positive Education.

 Up next is Mr C who's soon locked in the groove, head phones never come off, eyes closed. He drops New Order - Blue Monday and the Ibiza classic Joe Smooth - Promised Land

As many will know Mr C was the front man of  The Shamen, he drops Move any mountain on us, we all sing along and then the rap section comes in; he lip syncs along while doing the classic moves. A real moment and highlight for me.

By the end of his set I find myself on the podium dancing along, I've been transported back to my early 20's and i'm Raving..i'm Raving.

My feet are killing me ( I'm not as young as i used to be ) but hold out for the legendary Danny Rampling. The former Radio 1 D.J is here to teach us all about the acid sounds of his London 80's night Shoom. A original pioneer of the Balearic house sound, a style he brought back in the late 80's from the white isle. Unfortunately no vinyl ( Lap top ) from Danny, but it's not long before we're all in his Love - groove and it's a dance party which i'm so glad i decided to join. Any fans of the history of Ibiza house and dance music should stick this night down in their party diary. A night which guarantees smiley faces

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