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BALEARIC ( How to describe? )

A good question! How do you describe Balearic? Well history tells us it originated in the Balearic isle's ( Menorca, Majorca and especially Ibiza ) The term or expression to describe a experience of music drifting out from a D.J set ,that you would have first witnessed in the late 80's in Ibiza, among the open minded clubs ( Amnesia ) and the bohemian cafe's on sunset strip, San Antonio ( Cafe Del Mar ) for example, where legends were born ( Alfredo and Jose Padilla ). The music policy in these clubs and cafe's was well ..anything goes! Though the Balearic tinged vibe that we have all grown to love was and still is a mixture of Mediterranean music, bossa nova, flamenco guitar and of course Balearic Beats. 

I myself have witnessed many Balearic moments from the chill D.J's i have seen in Ibiza; One D.J at Kumaras in San An dropped Bruce Springsteen's - State Trooper,  not what you would think to be a ideal Balearic sunset vibe but believe me, it work's, floating out to hug your ears while watching the last of the sun's ray's disappear on the Mediterranean horizon. 

( Springsteen - State Trooper )

I've been to Ibiza many times and finally ventured over to Sa Trinxa beach bar to see the legendary Jon Sa Trinxa in action. Now his set's are epic; building slowly with pure Balearic style to the sun setting, before picking up the pace with House and Balearic beats. A stand out moment for me was hearing the 1976 feelgood classic from Roy Ayers - Everybody loves the sunshine. The soul legend was recently caught bringing his sunshine to Glastonbury.

( Roy Ayers - Live at Glastonbury 2015 )

Finally two men who have gotten me in to Balearic and inspired me to do my own D.J Set's are Chris Coco and Pete Gooding. One mix i received as a cover mount c.d from Mixmag: Viva Ibiza: Chill many years ago.

A mix i always find on my holiday playlists. The Cafe Mambo resident, not so much these days ( Guest slots over the summer ) since starting his house, electronic and of course Balearic beats label: Pete will be busy this summer in Ibiza starting on Monday 13th July with his Secret Life parties at the legendary Pikes Hotel in San Ann.

One thing for sure with this party is the eclectic and quality line up on offer in the coming month's: Featuring Legends Jon Sa Trinxa, Chris Coco and Ibiza resident, Balearic D.J and Musician  Mark Barrott

( Mark Barrott - Bush society ) 

I  managed to get a few words from Pete Gooding on what he believe's to be Balearic:

Me: How would you describe Balearic Music?

Pete: Well that's not easy as its not a style or genre, more an open minded approach to music.

Me: Give me one new and one old piece?

Pete: Old - Elkin and Nelson - Jibaro

( Elkin and Nelson Live '74 )

Pete: New - Africaine 808 - Lagos, New York

Me: Can you remember the first Balearic set you witnessed and who ( maybe in Ibiza ) ?

Pete: Either Alfredo at Amnesia or Lolo at Es Paradise, both in 1989 ( Ibiza )

Me: Finally tell me the plans for Secret Life music this summer?

Pete: Well we have a weekly residency at Pikes Hotel in Ibiza every Monday that starts on July 13th till August 17th. DJ Harvey is playing a 6 hour set every week, so are me and Phil Dockerty,  my partner and we have booked the following guests:

Mark Barratt (International Feel)

Phil South (Golf Channel Recordings)

Steve Cobby (Fila Brazillia)

Phil Mison

Balearic Gabba Sound System (Italy)


Chris Coco (Melodica)

Jon Sa Trinxa 

Dean Sunshine Smith (The Garden Festival/The Great Outdoors)

Two men who know a thing or two about Balearic are former Cafe Mambo resident Jim Breese and trusted Melodica host Chris Coco, so much so their new project, simply titled Balearic; is their blissful and beautiful album of Balearic inspired pieces. Drifting and dreamy flamenco, gentle - hypnotic - sun drenched beats; perfect summer and sunshine vibes. 


Here's a few words with Chris Coco, all delivered in his trademark gentle and poetic style:

Me: How would you describe Balearic in music and tell me one tune or piece that you believe best describes the style? 

Chris: For me the tune that epitomizes the current Balearic sound is Jonny Nash - Phantom Actors

 It's got that total float and drift that you get on a hot afternoon, it feels hot, the heat comes out of the speakers when you play it. Balearic is the sound of some kind of freedom, it's like love, it's like drugs, it sounds like sunsets.

  Me: Can you remember the first piece of music you heard and who played it?

Chris: The tune that first got me into the music was Music for a Found Harmonium by Penguin Cafe Orchestra, when I heard Jose Padilla play that tune, among a stack of others, one lovely evening at Cafe Del Mar, I was enchanted, intrigued, then totally hooked.

( Music for a found harmonium Live '76 )

I agree a true Balearic classic which i first heard on the soundtrack to the 80's movie Malcolm and the Ibiza D.J comedy It's All Gone Pete Tong. 

You can catch Chris Coco in D.J mode over the summer, all across Europe and Guest slot's in Ibiza. And don't forget you can hear his Melodica show every Monday at Mixcloud 

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