Sunday, 10 November 2013

A Soulful slice of French Toast: ELBI


The first time I encountered the artist known as Elbi ( real name Lucille Bauer ) was opening for Liverpudlian Goth folk Bird at Edinburgh's Electric Circus. J.P the Manager of the live haunt bumped in to her outside one day, she was looking at the upcoming gig's, they got talking and he booked her to play. Also I was looking for a female Electro act to open for my Electric Wonderland gig at the same venue. Needless to say after seeing her live I instantly booked her myself.

She has since built up a a fan base through word of mouth and was seen playing around the Capital frequently. She announced the BBC had asked her to play their bar tent in the Fringe festival. A event I had discovered Plum at the year before. Of course I went along. They loved her performance and tunes so much they asked her back , this time to headline and I had my review book in hand:

Elbi takes the stage wearing a Indian headdress and fires up the laptop, all smiles and groove. Melodic notes ring out, Opening tune My name is Elbi she says. “E.L.B.I , see, it's easy “ The gorgeous You don't really know follows. Reminding me of Amy Winehouse sharing a bottle of wine with Laura Maluva. Introducing  a new tune Something which she tells us was written only a few weeks ago. The French soul star in the making takes a detour in to Hip-Hop territory. The set flows well in to a cover of a French rapper on Caroline.

Higher Ground is her collaboration with Brighton Electronic Producers Ambassadeurs with it's French dialect intro, soulful rap and delicious melody. She moves and grooves, animated to say the least, fun and very Sassy. Showing off her range and diversity. 

Another new song Hey Lover has a house music edge , very tribal and atmospheric. She tells me later using Ableton live it has unleashed a new world in sounds.

She finishes with live favorite Mambo Mambo , Elbi shows she's a natural live headline act by encouraging the audience to repeat her lyrics after her. Looking round there's a few happy faces obliging. She's winning us over. She moves in to the crowd. It's absolutely uplifting, jazzy, soulful - Electro pop to the highest degree.

 Unfortunately for Edinburgh this is her last gig in the city for a while with her moving back to her native country France .

 A must see live act and with a upcoming E.P penciled in for early 2014, New tune: is a taster of it, Showing her sense of humor, covering a classic Disney tune.

 More collaboration's penciled in  ; one with Glasgow's Bass heads Gingerbeard Men  plus a prospect of her bringing over a full band, exciting times ahead. Lucille also has a talented brother who is a quality house producer, together they call themselves Mooney Mooney Brooklyn and what a vibe they have created.  Check out their cool and playful video here: 

If I can just say to Elbi, we'll miss you and PLEASE COME BACK very soon. votre une ├ętoile

Elbi has finally released her long awaited E.P


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  1. I had the pleasure of seeing Elbi at the Electric Wonderland gig. I was immediately hooked, she really is a star in the making. Can't wait to see where she goes next


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