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Alternative Rock Music for a Jilted generation ( 20 Years on ) : Rock Blog

Alternative Rock Music for a Jilted Generation- Rock Blog ( July 14 )

Nearly 20 years ago ( hard to believe ) i purchased a hardcore techno /rave album from The Prodigy ( I still own ) Previously they were known for their commercial rave hit's Charly Says and Out of space, having been a regular draw at rave's and small dance festivals in the early 90's. They grew as a Electronic band and live act but this time on Music for a jilted generation they started to add guitar's, especially on hit's Voodoo  People  and Their Law ( Ft Pop Will Eat Itself ) a band which had crossed over to what grew to be called alternative rock.

During the early 90's i would frequent Nottingham Rock city. Friday's would be dedicated to rock, men in spray on jeans and long hair down to their backsides, from behind ,sometimes after a few shandy's you would find it hard to distinguish if they were male or female. It would be a night that would change, suddenly mid 90's you would be hearing the likes of The Prodigy along side Classic Metal band's Black Sabbath or Iron Maiden (on the dance floor),  turning the night in to a Alternative Rock Night.

1995 living in Nottingham, me and my pal saw the line up for a  relatively new two day festival just outside Glasgow, Scotland, it was in it's second year, named after the local lager Tennants : T In The Park. ( A drink i don't like personally but does seem to taste good in a plastic cup at the festival ). The second day had pop princess Kylie Minogue and Hull's pop songsters The Beautiful South headlining but it was the other day ( Saturday ) that interested us. Terrorvision, Skunk Anansie ( Ft new drummer Mark Richardson formerly of Little Angels ) Therapy? The Almighty , Paul Weller and former Ravers/Alternative dance/Rockers The Prodigy headlining. So off we went driving from Nottingham to Glasgow armed with a map and a two litre ( Home made ) bottle of Snakebite ( Cider and lager).  What a day, at that time it was in Strathclyde country park. We managed to neck the entire bottle while in the queue for the gates opening. Pretty drunk and tired from the 5 hour drive i took a small nap in front of the stage to wake to the bouncy pop rock from Terrorvision.

Memories are a bit blurred and faded these days but do recall the electric set from The Prodigy. Main writer/producer Liam Howlett surrounded by a Tardis control of keyboard's, lead man Maxim Reality with red contact's and sporting a Kilt . Nut job dancer ( To be vocalist ) Keith Flint rolling on to the stage in a giant hamster ball. With it's pounding beats and ferocious guitar riff's. Flint and Giant dancer Leeroy Thornhill ( Their answer to Bez ) jumped around like kittens on cat nip. ( Poison live T In The Park 1995 )

 A changing moment in rock history? I think so, not only would they carry on headlining dance festivals but would be accepted to top the bill at alternative festivals like Download and touring Rock festival Sonisphere. You can see The Prodigy headline on Friday 4th July making up a line up of classic metal heads Iron Maiden and Metallica.

I have returned to T In The Park many a time and luckily i witnessed The Prodigy headlining again, this time the other stage ( 2008 ) Ironically the long standing festival is celebrating it's 20th year this very month Happy anniversary T In The Park and Music For The Jilted Generation . That deserves a drink..

Other ( Rock )  tastes from Scotland include Indie Rock 'n ' rollers The Urchins

Managed to get a few words from the lads about the band:

  Formed in 2012, The Urchins are an eclectic indie rock band from the outskirts of Glasgow, consisting of two sets of brothers and a close friend.  All members are born from a shared vision of creativity and a burning ambition to be the biggest band In the world.
The band's gritty rock and roll tunes along with some indie acoustics give a foundation for a mesmerizing sound which almost takes you on a journey back to the 60's. Haunting and open synth melodies create intricate patterns with electric guitars and a steady, funk-inspired rhythm section.
The Urchins refuse to get stuck in a box, preferring instead to experiment with their music and push their sound to new directions. You can expect anything from a jangly 60's pop hook to something more experimental and 'out-there'. Although they manage to create songs with different concepts and ideas, there is always a blueprint, a 'stamp' imprinting the band’s personality over the song.
From the O2 to The  Barrowlands, they have covered most of the city's top venues for up and coming acts. With a catalog of songs which have blossomed over the years, The Urchins undoubtedly consider songwriting their main drive behind the push they're making into the guitar music scene.   

The Amazing Snakeheads Going to press , they would be supporting Jack White in Paris. They have a stunning album out , i urge you to get it on vinyl. Also playing T In The Park this year.

Perduramo rockers from Glasgow.

Edinburgh based 3- Piece Where's George ?

All band's i featured in my New Rock Show , which goes out once a month on you can enjoy my latest show here


Keep on rocking in the free world.

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