Monday, 7 October 2013

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The E.P opens with Burn us: There's a real Goldfrapp / Saint Saviour feel to the intro with it's haunting choir like vocal style. The opening tune creates a grim electronic vision with the lyrics “Burn us if we're not like you” a song that could easily have been written about witches in the dark ages. But this is a concept E.P about a imaginary native Indian so we're in Soldier Blue territory. A dark time nether the less. Plum real name: Shona Maguire sings in whispered tones until mid song we get soaring synth, a tempo change and the lyrics “Cut me to I bleed for my life” to fade. A promising start.

Casting Shadows: The first of two new tunes co-produced by fellow Scottish Electro Bass-heads Roman Nose  Melody wise reminding me of the tune from The Seed album 'The truth and the knife' Building to atmospheric levels while remaining restrained and never unleashing a full throttle bass attack on the listener.

My favourite cut from the E.P: Catapult. Reuniting with Electronic producer Teklo  It's a perfect slice of ghostly Halloween style Electro pop. A great release for October. Spine tingling Xylophone sounding notes are heard under a drop bass attack, this reviewer imagining being at a Rave on Elm street.

Death comes with a bow is the nearest Plum gets to the commercial sounding side of Electro pop music with her slightly off kilter keys intro before the uplifting sing along “Capture my heart in the Thunder” A real anthem for the imaginary character who the E.P is based on.

She takes it down on Only Human, a dreamy, floaty imaginary soundtrack snippet of the characters life; maybe about losing her loved ones in a battle or on death's door herself with the lyrics Hanging on by a thread, wishing I was dead” while overdubbed vocals “Letting go, letting go..” fade us to black.

To destroy Everything : The keys melody reminds me of early 80's Depeche Mode 'A Broken Frame' period feel;  Roman Nose add euphoric pulsating noise production on the chorus “Did you come for me to destroy everything that I love” I imagine Betsy losing it catapult in hand poised ready to enact revenge on the soldier blue  “This is what I need, this is what I breath, this is what I am” the outro is brought back down to hushed vocals and ambient soundscape.

All in all a quality concept E.P. Definitely works well as a whole listening experience and also a sneaky insight in to the world of one Betsy Thunder. Plum showing there's more strings to her bow in her writing skills, with more than just songs about her own life experiences. I say bring on the album.

Until then, you can get your card out and order 

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